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Freer Ideas is a UK-based music project that aims to empower marginalised individuals & communities by diversifying and demystifying music through lessons, workshops and gigs. Recent projects include Beginners Drum workshops, Synth Punk Fest and First Timers. Drum Workshop description: This Beginners' Drum Workshop is open to anyone who's interested in picking up the sticks! The workshop will include everything you need to get started and will be covering: - Names of the drums and how to set up the drum kit - Warm-up exercises to help with coordination, time-keeping and technique - Basic grooves from well known songs to give you some starting ideas - Exciting fills to make your playing more interesting Everything you need for the workshop will be provided so no need to bring anything except a desire to hit loud things very hard! A free beginners' drumming booklet with all the information from the workshop will be provided to all attendees. Drum sticks and practice pads will be available to buy for a £5-10 donation each.


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