Your mission should you choose to accept it is...

Join the Faceback community and meet real live people! Your Face is turned into a badge and worn by someone you haven’t met yet. Your mission is to get your Face back! The antidote to online social networking, Faceback plays with ideas of community, face-to-face contact, and control over our own images, setting in train 1000’s of exciting encounters between Festival goers. Everyone is welcome. Just come along to the Faceback hub, and have your photo taken by our Social Engineers to start playing. Faceback is created and directed by artist Katie Etheridge. Since 2008, Faceback has connected 1000’s of people who would not otherwise meet, at festivals and events across the UK including Funky Llama (Plymouth Theatre Royal), Fascinate at Falmouth Tall Ships, ONE-ON-ONE and Burst Festival's at Battersea Arts Centre, and New Work Network at National Review of Live Art (Glasgow).


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