They played with Queen last year, their debut album has been engineered & produced by top Muse/Supergrass/Jeff Beck wizzes, and now they're bringing heavyweight riffs, sleazy rock vocals, & attitude in spades to Southend...

A 4-piece rock band born of a collective of musicians from the North London thriving music scene. Performing until early hours every Sunday at the Silver Bullet’s club night ‘Rock the Boat’, they have also been recording their debut album with engineer John Cornfield (Muse, Supergrass) and producer Filippo Cimatti (Jeff Beck, Bones). Their first single ‘All or Nothing’ is a high-energy guitar driven song with a hook to lose your mind to.

“It was quite organic: we all play together, literally jamming, but the level is pretty high.” says guitarist Linda. “We all share a love for rock music.”

Don’t get the wrong idea when they say ‘rock music’. “Rock music has a stigma, like you are going to be Tommy Lee.”
Electric Pyramid’s influences couldn’t be further from cock rock and this isn’t ironic, this is about the craft. “If you look at The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac – they were rock bands but they had sweet melodies.” They love Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age…

An international band of artists - Linda and Marco both from Italy, Emma from the UK and Ol is English “with a twist” - they all live around the corner from each other and, having recognised each other’s talent, began rehearsing on Ol’s boat. As a group, they have a varied musical history, and Linda is also an active figure on the ‘Women In Rock’’ scene in London and elsewhere. Now, they’ve become each other’s family. “If your family’s far away, then the people you’re surrounded with, spend most of your time with, they know everything about you.”

2016 was an exciting time for the band as they joined Queen on their Eastern European tour. “It really pushed us as a live act, watching and learning from the masters and progressing our sound and presence on stage”. Regardless of stage sizes they want to create the same feeling of community and creativity they started with in London clubs.

“We just want to play and share music with as many people as we can. If that inspires them to go and do their own music, or sing along to our music, or be good in any way, then we’ve kind of nailed it, you know?”

This attitude has influenced their upcoming debut with statement lyrics: “Give me all your love or nothing at all” This isn’t solely related to personal life, this is to our music. ‘All or Nothing’ is due to be released on 2nd June 2017. Followed by a summer on the road hitting UK clubs and festivals.

“Electric Pyramid ooze out some heavyweight riffs and sleazy rock vocals in a four-minute belter of a first offering” - Little Indie Blogs

“Attitude in spades...there's no limit to where they can go” - Pure M


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