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Arts Sisterhood UK is a unique, grassroots Arts & Mental Health organisation that offers women and non-binary people affordable art therapy classes across the UK. In 2016, Founder, Ali Strick, created this organisation as a direct response to the growing cuts to government funding for mental health services in the UK, with the main aim of offering a safe, inclusive and supportive community to the marginalised, rejected and neglected who can’t afford expensive private therapy.

Since conception, Arts Sisterhood have held monthly classes in at the alternative community-run venue, DIY Space for London in Peckham, as well as some in Glasgow, with classes regularly selling out. Taught by artists and supervised by an accredited psychotherapist, their classes take attendees on a journey of self exploration and healing. During the class, they guide the women along a route starting with an initial word, feeling or thought, through to immersing them in personal and collaborative artistic expression, to end up with an exciting final piece of art, which is then discussed by the entire class, without judgement, then praised and celebrated.


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