'Indie Rock at its pure, unadulterated, best'

After releasing their second single, One Foot, Airways has gained attention throughout the industry. In August 2016, One Foot was BBC Introducing Track of the Week on Radio 1. The band was then selected to perform on the BBC Introducing Stage at Reading and Leeds. 

“Airways manage to stand out from the crowd...really solid debut” - Indie Shuffle

“Worth checking them out as their shiny, vibrant sound could see them doing very well in the next few months.” -Little Indie Blogs

“I give you less than 6 months until you know who Airways are, can recite their entire catalogue, and have the t-shirt. I promise.” -Stoa Sounds Blog

“Ghost Town premiered Jan 23rd on BBC Introducing and has been stuck in our heads ever since.” -Beyond The Stage Magazine

See the full programme here.

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