"Asylums are like a seaside fairground"

Born in August 2014 with a single chaotic video uploaded to YouTube, Asylums’ blend of thrashing guitar pop and social conscience quickly drew a passionate scene around them in their home town of Southend-on-Sea and culminated in national acclaim for the 2016 debut ‘Killer Brain Waves’. Being independent of mind and independent of action has been central to the development of the band. They’ve grown through the blogs and the DIY fans, the die-hards and the dreamers.

With their own label, the much praised Cool Thing Records, Asylums have been able to create their own world, to support the musicians they love and build a community of like-minded souls. Asylums are like a seaside fairground (maybe something of Southend has got into their blood). Where the first album ‘Killer Brain Waves’ was a Friday night with neon colours, rollercoaster rides and two fingers up to the security, ‘Alien Human Emotions’ felt more like a walk in the same place as the wind whips through in November. You needed to wrap the music round you to stay warm.

PHOTO by Kana Waiwaiku  

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