Do I need to get a ticket in advance – or will I be able to get one on the gate on the day?

We are advising people to book tickets in advance to avoid disappointment - and to avoid extra queuing on the day. It's cheaper to buy in advance (saves you a fiver!) and to buy on the day effectively means queuing twice - once at the Box Office and again at the entrance gates. 

We know from previous years that the event is extremely popular.  There are limited amount of tickets available to ensure that the numbers in the park are kept at a comfortable level throughout the day so we would advise booking as early as possible.

Once all our allotted tickets have gone, there will be no possibility to release any more to ensure we do not exceed the agreed capacity for the event.

Once I have a ticket will I be allowed to go in and out of the event?


On arrival to Village Green, your ticket will be scanned and you will be given a wristband. You can leave the Event Site at any time but if you wish to gain re-entry then you must have your wristband on you before leaving at the exit gate and produce it on your return. To gain re-entry you will have to re-join the entry queues and you will again be subject to security checks.


Will I need to bring I.D for my child?

If your child looks a lot older than they actually are then we MAY ask for their age and some form of I.D.

We will also operate ‘Challenge 25’ at all the festival bars so if you are lucky enough to look under 25 you may be asked for proof of age i.e. photo driving licence or passport If you are lucky enough to look under the age of 25 you may be asked to prove your age. The only accepted forms of ID will be a photo card driving licence issued by the DVLA, passport, or a proof of age card bearing the PASS hologram e.g. Citizen Card or Validate UK Card. No photocopies of any of the listed forms of ID will be permitted.

If I don’t have internet access how do I get a ticket?

The best and easiest way to buy a ticket is online.

However, if you do not have any internet access, you can call Metal on 01702 470700 and we will book it online for you. You will need an email address to do this – so that confirmation of your booking can be sent.

If you cannot order by telephone, there are a number of local shops that have them - see the list here.

Is everything free once I am inside the Village Green event?

All the entertainment is free. We will have independent market stalls selling arts and crafts and, of course, you can purchase food and drinks from various traders on site.

Please remember to read the ‘Ticket Terms and Conditions’ here.


Is it a good idea to drive to Village Green?

There is no parking within the festival site at Chalkwell Park and very limited residential parking in the surrounding area.

We reserve around a few spaces within the site for blue badge users. These can be booked in advance and will be held until midday on the day. Please call Metal on 01702 470700 for further details.

Why don’t we provide more parking spaces?

Chalkwell Park is a great park. We love hosting Village Green here as it is right in the centre of our community with great access for a lot of people.

The site does not have space to provide large areas for parking and is very well served by public transport.

We advise walking, cycling (there are lots of cycle parks within the park) or public transport. Chalkwell Park is well served by both buses and the c2c train line as follows:-

By bus

Arriva No. 1 and No. 5.

First Bus No. 26, 27, 27A and 28.

By train

Trains run from London Fenchurch Street Station to Shoeburyness (c2c Rail- click here for timetables).
For Village Green – alight at Chalkwell Station – Chalkwell Park is a short 8-minute walk from here.

Greater Anglia
Trains run from London Liverpool Street to Southend Victoria (Greater Anglia - click here for timetables).
For Village Green – alight at Southend Victoria and then take a bus to 'Chalkwell Park' - 1 / 26 / 27 / 28.


For volunteering / artists / bands / youth forum and other opportunities, see the Contact page here.


What are the security measures?

Working closely with the authorities, we have put in place extra security measures at Village Green. Festival goers can also play a big part in helping to keep Village Green safe and secure - please read and digest how HERE.

Why are you asking for no glass to be brought into the park?

Broken glass at the end of the day is difficult for our team of litter pickers to deal with. It is also unpleasant for users of the park the next day.

Are dogs allowed inside the event site?

Because of the crowds and the noise we are afraid not. Only assistance dogs will be permitted within the event site.

Will there be any parts of Chalkwell Park open to the general public – outside of the Village Green event?


The Rose Gardens (accessible by the entrance to the park in Chalkwell Avenue - marked as Gate 7A during the event) will be open. The large children’s playground adjacent to the London Road also remains open to the public (accessible from the Chalkwell Park Rooms entrance from the London Road - marked as Gate 3 during the event).

Can I bring my own picnic and drink?

We are afraid that due to the un-social behaviour of a few people it is a condition that no alcoholic drinks may be brought into the Event Site. You may bring in water and soft drinks but they must be in sealed plastic bottles or unopened cartons - NOT IN GLASS. 

Bag searches will be in operation at the entrance gates and any alcohol or glass containers found will be confiscated. You can bring your own food (but no metal knives please) but there will be a wide variety of excellent food traders on site.


Please be prepared for changeable weather!

- If it is sunny regularly use a high protection-factor sun cream or block (greater than Factor 20)
- A hat should be worn during hot/sunny spells
- Drink plenty of water throughout the day - refill your water bottle for free on site.

Don't forget:

- If you feel at all unwell (sickness, dizziness, headaches etc.) seek immediate medical attention

- If you bring young children it's a good idea to write your mobile number, but not their name, on their wristband that way if they get lost, we can reunite you much quicker

- We operate ‘Challenge 25’ at the event bars

- Village Green operates a zero tolerance policy to drugs and psychoactive substances formerly so called ‘legal highs’

- Please do not bring BBQ's to the event

- If you bring a camping chair then if the arena’s becomes too busy then you may be asked by a steward to fold it down

- Please do not release Chinese Lanterns, whilst they may look spectacular unfortunately they create a very real fire risk; once launched there is no control over where they might land. They can cause fires and harm livestock.

- Please dispose of your rubbish in the bins. We love our park and our aim is to show no trace we have been there as soon as possible after the event closes!

- When you leave Village Green please be considerate for our neighbours and leave quietly

Finally, please think about arriving early as there will be plenty for you to see and do! We hope you have a great day out at Village Green!

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