Village Green Festival Tickets - Payment Plan Info

Skiddle's payment plan feature allows you to reserve the tickets at the Early Bird ticket prices rather then missing the deadline on 1 June when they go up again.

The Early Bird ticket full price is: £15 for adults and £12 for Teen (+ booking fees), whilst Children 10 who are 10 years old or younger get their tickets for free.

With the 4 Month Payment Plan, all you need to do to have your Adult ticket reserved, is to pay a deposit of £3 (+the booking fees of £1.50), followed by 3 further installments of £4. For Teen tickets, the deposit is £2.50 (+ the booking fee of £1), followed by 3 further installments of £2.50.

If you need any children tickets, these can be reserved at the same time for FREE.


Skiddle Payment Plan Terms & Conditions can be found HERE:

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